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I have written a ProTracker v2.3D clone in C using SDL 2.
What is ProTracker? Read about it on Wikipedia.

It contains several new fatures:
* WAV sample loader/saver
* Sample hand editing tool
* Peak based waveform displayer (sampler screen)
* Mouse wheel based zoom in/out on sample data
* Low-pass/high-pass filters in the sample editor
* The ability to render the song to a WAV file
* The ability to render a pattern to a sample (useful for making drumloops and such)
* Full support for 128kB samples (many Amiga PT routines are broken with >64kB samples)

Please consult help.txt for more information on the new features and everything else.
Here's a link to a great ProTracker tutorial by Wasp^PWL: http://bit.ly/1KAG0IS

Downloads: - binaries updated 19/01/2018 11:58 GMT +2
--> Windows (XP SP2 and later)
--> macOS/OS X (10.6 and later - read macOS notice below!)

15th of August 2017 note:
Replayer and mixer has been updated to be super accurate. Please update!
It now uses a direct C port of the ProTracker asm replayer, and a Paula (sound chip) simulator.

24th of August 2017: Problems with stereo separation and tremolo (7xy effect) were fixed.

Windows important notice:
- If ALT+F4/ALT+F5 (copy/paste pattern) doesn't work and you have NVIDIA drivers installed, you need to make sure that 'GeForce Experience' is uninstalled. This rather useless program is taking over ALT+F5.
- If you get a "Graftor" trojan anti-virus report, then it's a false alarm!
You can look at the code and try to compile it yourself with Visual Studio, it will say the same...

macOS/OS X important notice:
To be able to actually run the program, you need to right click the .app and press "Open". This is only needed once, you can open it like normal after this.

GNU/Linux important notice:
To get ALT+F4 (copy pattern) and ALT+F5 (paste pattern) working, you have to change these keyboard shortcuts in your OS to something else.

For non-latin alphabet keyboard layouts: You need to set your layout temporarily to something like EN/US.

Sourceforge project:
--> http://sourceforge.net/projects/protracker - revision 86 - changelog

IRC: #protracker @ IRCNet