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I have spent a lot of my time making these free tracker clones for you.

If you feel like donating (not required), you can do so by using PayPal: paypal.me/8bitbubsy
Alternatively you can use PayPal with my email address (image) found at the bottom of this site.

Every donation is appreciated, no matter the size!
PS: If you really want to give me something but you don't have PayPal, you can send me an email.

Donation list:

Date Name Sum (circa)
07.03.2018 Oliver A. €42
11.03.2018 Michiyasu O. €100
22.03.2018 Andrzej C. €10
25.04.2018 Y M O. €5
26.04.2018 Martin N. €10
28.04.2018 Reiner S. €8
09.05.2018 David A. A €8
06.06.2018 Don L. €3
09.06.2018 Guy B. €12
17.07.2018 Michaël R. €1,5
17.07.2018 Patrick N. €10
15.09.2018 Chris G. €20
25.09.2018 Martin N. €10
25.10.2018 Elliot R. €133,7 (yes, really)
10.11.2018 Richard H. €10
11.11.2018 Alexander L. €10

Thank You!