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Here are some of my other projects available for download:

Filename Filesize Info Date changed (dd.mm.yyyy)
FT212.ZIP 256kB Fasttracker 2.12 (new bugfixed version for DOS - changelog) 28.11.2022
PT23F.LHA 118kB ProTracker v2.3F (new bugfixed version for Amiga - source code). This version is silently updated from time to time, please check the date to the right. 08.03.2023
PT23F.ADF 880kB Bootable ADF of ProTracker v2.3F 08.03.2023
mod2smp_v081.lha 26kB Mod2Smp v0.81 for Amiga. New version by me, for 68020+ Amigas. 05.09.2022
tuningfork.zip 138kB A tuning fork program for Windows. This is handy for tuning tracker samples or even real instruments. 23.05.2021
VRAMSPD.ZIP 43kB A VRAM speed tester for MS-DOS. Requires a 386+ processor. 10.11.2022