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Here are some of my other projects available for download.
Some of them include a "src" / "source" folder with the source code. This folder is not needed to run the programs.

You may get some false virus positives on some of these files. They do not contain any viruses/trojans.

Filename Filesize Info Date changed (dd.mm.yyyy)
FT213.ZIP 255kB Fasttracker 2.13 (new bugfixed version for DOS - changelog) 14.06.2024
PT23F.LHA 117kB ProTracker v2.3F (new bugfixed version for Amiga - source code). This version is silently updated from time to time, please check the date to the right. 09.10.2023
PT23F.ADF 880kB Bootable ADF of current ProTracker v2.3F version 09.10.2023
pt4dos.zip 622kB ProTracker for DOS - 386 25MHz + VGA + Sound Blaster (just a player for now) - source code 06.07.2024
mod2smp_v081.lha 26kB Mod2Smp v0.81 for Amiga. New version by me, for 68020+ Amigas. 05.09.2022
tuningfork.zip 55kB A tuning fork program for Windows 7 and later. This is handy for tuning tracker samples or even acoustic instruments. 06.07.2023
VRAMSPD.ZIP 3kB A VGA speed tester for DOS. Requires an 8086 (or better CPU) with a VGA graphics adapter. 28.12.2023
CRTTEST.ZIP 3kB CRT color cutoff/gain/purity tester for DOS. Press any key to toggle mode, ESC to quit. Requires an 8086 (or better CPU) with a VGA graphics adapter and color monitor. 29.01.2024
diskcopystrip.zip 23kB A Windows tool which strips Disk Copy data from Macintosh floppy disk images. This converts them into raw images, ready for use. Note: Does not support compressed images. 11.10.2023
oblanimfix.zip 24kB A Windows tool which resets the GameModeSeconds field in 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' save games. Fixes slow/buggy animations, stuck projectiles and other strange bugs if the play time has exceeded MANY hours. The higher the refresh rate the game runs at, the less time it takes to reach this bug. 11.10.2023
nusb33no.exe 759kB NUSB 3.3 for Windows 98 SE Norwegian. NUSB 3.3 was never available in Norwegian, so I rolled my own. NUSB allows you to use USB sticks with Windows 98 SE. Installer source 29.04.2024