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I'm currently writing a portable Fasttracker II clone in C using SDL 2.
What is Fasttracker II? Read about it on Wikipedia.

PS: This clone is meant for computers with a modern GPU and CPU (about 2009 or newer recommended).
Also please remember to update the clone regularly, I fix bugs all the time!

Bad news: "MIDI out" will never be implemented.
Good news: "MIDI in" has been implemented!

Beta version #61 download: (binaries updated 21/04/2018 18:55 GMT +2 - changelog)
--> Windows 64-bit (recommended)
--> Windows 32-bit (for Windows XP SP2 or older machines with 32-bit Windows)
--> macOS/OS X (10.6 and later - read macOS notice below!)

macOS/OS X important notice:
To be able to actually run the program, you need to right click the .app/program and click "Open". This is only needed once, you can open it like normal after this.

Windows important notice:
- If ALT+F5 (paste block) doesn't work and you have NVIDIA drivers installed, you need to make sure that 'GeForce Experience' is uninstalled. This junk program is taking over ALT+F5.

- For non-latin alphabet keyboard layouts: You need to set your layout temporarily to something like EN/US.
- Please go to "Help" -> "FT2 clone FAQ" in the program and read it before complaining about something.

IRC: #protracker @ IRCNet (server: open.ircnet.net port 6667)