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I'm currently writing a portable Fasttracker II clone in C using SDL 2.
What is Fasttracker II? Read about it on Wikipedia.

PS: This clone is meant for computers with a modern GPU and CPU (about 2008 or newer recommended).
If it crashes on run, then you most likely have a too old CPU (lack of SSE2) or GPU.
Also please remember to update the clone regularly, I fix bugs all the time!

Beta version #74 download: (binaries updated 19/06/2018 14:37 GMT +2 - changelog)
--> Windows 64-bit (recommended, Windows Vista or later)
--> Windows 32-bit (for Windows XP SP2 or older machines with 32-bit Windows)
--> macOS/OS X (10.6 and later - read macOS notice below!)

- If you get an 0xc000007b error on ft2-win64.exe, then you either used an earlier version than #70,
or you forgot to use the 64-bit SDL2.DLL in ft2-win64.zip.

Source code: ft2clone-b74-code.zip (URL will change with versions)
Please read "HOW-TO-COMPILE.txt". Should compile for GNU/Linux.
A license is going to be applied soon, so for now, don't publish the code anywhere.

Keep in mind that this code is made by one person only, and was never meant to be flexible.
This means that adding stuff to it is not easy unless you know of all the hardcoded stuff to change.
Also note that this is not a direct port of the FT2 Pascal/asm code, only some parts were ported.

macOS/OS X important notice:
- To be able to actually run the program, you need to right click the .app/program and click "Open". This is only needed once, you can open it like normal after this.
- A lot of important keybindings in FT2 are occupied and has to be rerouted or removed in the OS.

Windows important notice:
If ALT+F5 (paste block) doesn't work and you have NVIDIA drivers installed, you need to make sure that 'GeForce Experience' is uninstalled. This controversial program is taking over ALT+F5, and I'm sure you won't miss it.

IRC: #protracker @ IRCNet (server: open.ircnet.net port 6667)