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I have written a ProTracker v2.3D clone in C using SDL 2.

It started out as a ProTracker MOD player in late 2009, but it looked so sad without a pattern viewer. I later added the ProTracker tracker background, the font and the pattern viewer. It still looked dull, and was kind of useless, so I started to add things one by one.
As of now, it's a fully usable tracker with 99% of all features and added bonuses. It also has one of the most accurate PT replayers out there, excluding DeliPlayer and UADE.

Some of the added extras are:
* WAV sample loader/saver
* Sample hand editing tool
* Low-pass/high-pass filters in the sample editor
* The ability to render the song to a WAV file
* The ability to render a pattern to a sample (useful for making drumloops and such)
* Full support for 128kB samples (many Amiga PT routines are broken with >64kB samples)

Please consult help.txt for more information on the new features and everything else.
Here's a link to a great ProTracker tutorial by Wasp^PWL: http://bit.ly/1KAG0IS

Downloads: - binaries updated 28.04.2017 7:03PM Europe/Berlin
--> Windows XP Service Pack 3 (or newer Windows)
--> macOS/OS X 10.6 and later (not PPC) (READ NOTICE BELOW!)

Windows important notice:
If ALT+F4/ALT+F5 (copy/paste pattern) doesn't work and you have NVIDIA drivers installed, you need to make sure that 'GeForce Experience' is uninstalled. This rather useless program is taking over ALT+F5.

OS X/macOS important notice:
To be able to actually run the program, you need to right click the .app and press "Open". This is only needed once, you can open it like normal after this. If the config won't load, you have to make a directory called .protracker in your home directory (f.ex. /Users/olav/.protracker), then copy protracker.ini over there.
Use the terminal if you can't see any .protracker folder after creating it.

GNU/Linux important notice:
To get ALT+F4 (copy pattern) and ALT+F5 (paste pattern) working, you have to change these keyboard shortcuts in your OS to something else.

For FR (french) keyboard layout users: You can't enter numbers. For non-US keyboard layout users: Notes and shifted keys are US hardcoded.

Sourceforge project:
--> http://sourceforge.net/projects/protracker - revision 15 - changelog

IRC: #protracker @ IRCNet (warning: crazy channel)