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I'm currently writing a Fasttracker II clone in C using SDL 2.

Brief details:
The goal is to make it almost identical to the original FT2 v2.09 so that FT2 users feel at home. Why? Well, running FT2 in DOSBox uses quite a bit of CPU time, and some things just don't work correctly out of the box without configuring keybindings and drive mounting. Its replayer is quite accurate, and thus it has the same bugs and quirks as original FT2 v2.09.

The clone will also have a few new features to make it easier to use. However, the project won't be open source because parts of it is based on FT2 code I got from Vogue (main FT2 coder), but I haven't managed to get in touch with Mr.H (also FT2 coder) to hear if he's fine with it. This means that it won't be available for GNU/Linux for now.

Public alpha test #15 download: (30.04.2017 18:31 - every new version has bug fixes)
--> Windows XP Service Pack 3 (or newer Windows)
--> macOS/OS X 10.6 and later (not PPC)

Please go to "Help" -> "FT2 clone FAQ" in the program and read it before complaining about something!

What's NOT implemented yet?
* Some sample editor functions (morph, echo, volume, sample mix, resample, save range)
* Scale-fade volume (on pattern data)
* Ability to sample from audio input source (will be added way later)
* MIDI (maybe, probably not going to happen!)

IRC: #ft2 @ IRCNet (100% dead, go to #protracker instead)